Rainbow Rider

We must ride jump-for-jump, while staying centered and balanced on top. That’s where the view is the best!

Life is presented to us on a spectrum. Sometimes, we lose sight of that.

To illustrate this concept, if we raise our arms to the height of our shoulders, an axis line is established. It runs from the fingertips of one hand, through our heart and soul, out to the fingertips of our other hand. Now, if we picture in our minds eye the innumerable arcs that stretch from fingertip to fingertip, we understand spectrums.

On the one hand we have this — on the other hand we have that. Our left hand is opposite our right hand. They are different and unique, working together individually to accomplish a greater good. We would never think to dismiss one in favor of the other. We’re reminded of their mutual importance when we try to zip with one hand.

While some may believe the universe revolves around them, our control is limited to the two hands connected to the core of our heart and soul. As we expand the analogy of spectrums, we find the sphere of our earth. An imaginary axis line that man uses as reference, exits at the opposite Polar Regions, establishing North and South. Between the poles, we have the Equator, which is defined by East and West.

North is as opposite and as far from South, as East is from West. Wherever you are right now, look into the distance towards your favorite direction. Can you believe that you are standing on the “X” of spectrums, marking the exact spot which is the beginning of a journey halfway around the world in any direction?

The choice is ours. We limit ourselves by anchoring to a favorite spot and then whining about what is in sight. We forget that our view is always limited by the spectrum curve.

Now, with the stage set, think of a rainbow — the most vivid spectrum of reality and imagination. Folk lore provides for a pot of gold at each end. Streaming from one to the other is a gorgeous spectrum of color.

Life is a journey of contrasts. We have good times and bad times. The effort required to go up a mountain is rewarded by the tummy-tickle at the top as we coast down into the valley below. The straight stretches of highway allow us to set the cruise control, while the switchbacks provide for a white-knuckle focus of attention.

There is treasure to be found at the extremes. From the grief of loss to the ecstasy of triumph, we are rewarded from the pot of gold at each end of that rainbow of experience.

After a storm, a rainbow is given as a sign of hope and a reminder to ride the spectrum of life. As any good bull rider knows, we must ride “jump for jump” — while staying centered and balanced on top. That’s where the view is the best!